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Life can be Blurrrrrrrr-y

So, it’s been almost two weeks since my dad passed away.

And I can hardly believe it.

Ever since that moment in the hospital when my dad breathed his last, life has seemed rather blurry.

I felt like I was living in a fog the week leading up to my dad’s memorial service. I don’t really remember much. Other than that I was tired. I wanted to process what just happened. And I felt a little numb.

This week, thankfully, has been better.

The fog is starting to clear.

Although life still feels a little blurry around the edges. I don’t know what this next stage of life will look like. But I know that the Lord will be sure to guide me along the way.

I feel good most of the time. But that almost seems wrong. But I shouldn’t be ashamed of the deep, unrelenting joy and peace that the Lord has put in my heart.

I am still grieving. But those moments are broken up with moments of pure joy. Joy knowing that the Father is good and faithful. Joy knowing that I will one day see my sweet daddy again. Joy knowing that he’s not in pain anymore and that his sweet body is new and perfect.

This blog started as a way for me to streamline updates on my dad and how everyone could pray. Well, I’m going to keep it up and running. But just as a way to update people on my life–tell stories–and to share in this journey of grieving and healing.


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