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Hope is Rising

Over the past few days I’ve been spending a lot of time drawing, coloring, and painting while I’ve been with little man. I would get an image in my head on my drive to his house in the early morning. And I would feel the Spirit urging me to draw it out. A lot of… Continue reading Hope is Rising



I love the idea of being invited. I love getting an invitation to a party, a wedding, or, better yet, a personal invitation from a friend–calling me up or doing so in person. I don’t necessarily like the idea of being “called.” It gives me the feeling that I’m being forced into something that I… Continue reading Invitations

Journaling · Little Man

He’s Learning

I wrote this last week after a really hard day with little man:   I feel like the hits just keep coming. With feeling discouraged from the work I’m doing at the Journey, I thought everything else was going to be smooth sailing. But. I was wrong. This week has been the hardest yet with little… Continue reading He’s Learning