Marinating In a New Truth

Holiday seasons are always hard.
But for some reason, entering into this one was a little different.

It’s definitely been a sweet season.
I have loved every second of making memories and starting new traditions with Jon.
We’ve walked through a lot over the last few months.
But we’ve seen the Lord draw us closer to one another.
And we’ve learned more about how to love each other and communicate better.

Still, though, I was having pangs of pain deep in my heart over missing my dad.
There wouldn’t necessarily be anything that would trigger the pain.
But it was there.

One day, while we were sitting in a service at a church, I was listening to the pastor talk about Jesus and his life.
And then all of a sudden I had this realization that Jesus really understood my pain.
Jesus had an earthly father.
Joseph raised Jesus as his own. He taught Jesus how to be a carpenter.
I imagine that they were pretty tight.

We don’t know exactly when, but we can be pretty certain that before Jesus started his ministry on this earth, Joseph died.
Jesus experienced the death of one of his closest friends.
He lost his dad.

This realization has opened up a new level of hope and thankfulness deep within my heart. Because as I’m crying out about this pain and still navigating the grief and loss, I know that Jesus truly does understand. He felt the pain of losing a parent.

I know it’s simple.
I know that many people have probably uncovered that before.
But to me, in this holiday season where the loss of a loved one is even harder, He gave me a gift of hope and rest.
I hope He does the same for you as well.

Happy New Year!
May 2017 bring much joy in the Lord as you spend time seeking after His heart.


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