Life around the O’Rourke household has been full and beautiful.
We’ve been going through some major changes.

First off–I went through some classes to get my CNA certificate! It’s been a lot of work. Going to work in the mornings, and school in the evenings. I feel like I haven’t seen Jon a whole lot these past few weeks. But I just got certified, and then I’ll be able to start working as a CNA!
Praise Jesus!

This change was sponsored by a year of prayer and seeking the Lord.
Last January I started the prayer process and research process to discover what would be a good career for me to enter into. One that would provide healthcare and a decent income. But one where I would also be helping people.
I discovered CNAs. And I was intrigued. But I kept hearing the Lord say “Wait.”
Jon and I  both heard “Yes” at the beginning of the year to getting the certification. And so I found a place where I could go through training.

Secondly–I’ll be saying goodbye to Little Man in the next few weeks. Since I’ve finished up my  certification, it’ll be time for me to leave nanny life and enter into the next phase of my working life. As great as it has been to be a nanny over the last year. I feel like it is definitely time for me to move forward into a new territory.

I’m going to be starting the job search. I’m praying for a position at a hospital. But we’ll see what the Lord might have me do.

Coming to Numba Tre–Jon and I are have started the youth group back up at The Journey. After a LOT of prayer and seeking after what the Lord would have for us and our marriage, we decided that we were going to invest in the church body where the Lord has us. We’ve seen a need. And we feel like He’s calling us to step into a place of fulfilling that. We’re open to what the Lord has for us. We’re listening closely to His voice and trusting that He will lead us to where He wants us to go.

I’ve been working through a lot over the last couple of months. Mostly dealing with anxiety.
Who knew going back into a school setting would be so stressful for me? haha.
I have a hard time with tests, and so the test anxiety got pretty bad a few times–it ended with tears and ugly crying.
Jon would always comfort me and help me calm down. But that didn’t mean that I didn’t have to still work though that stuff.

My heart–in all these changes–is still a mess.
I’m still working through figuring out how to love people well and encourage others.
But I’m seeing the Lord continue to move and change my heart.

I’m excited for all these changes.
I’m excited to see what the Lord has in store for us in the coming months.
I don’t know what all He has. But I can trust Him.


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